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TripAdvisor Multiple Award winning company

We've received Certificate of Excellence award from TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website.

100% Customizable

Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.

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How Do You Find the Right Meeting Rooms on the Gold Coast?

When hosting a training session, client presentation or business meeting, finding the right venue is crucial for your success. Finding the proper meeting rooms on the Gold Coast is significant but can also be overwhelming. This is because so many options are available today, making finding the proper meeting rooms challenging. In this article, we will discuss several tips you can use whenever you are looking for meeting rooms to select the right one for your meeting. 

Tips for Finding the Right Meeting Rooms on the Gold Coast

The following are essential things that you should do whenever you are looking for the proper meeting rooms on the Gold Coast;

  • Define your requirements

This is the first thing you should do before searching for the meeting rooms to rent. Defining your meeting requirements involves considering several things, including number of attendees, necessary amenities required, purpose of the meeting, desired location and duration. When you understand all your needs, you will have a very easy time selecting the meeting rooms that will align with your requirements and needs.

  • Set a realistic budget

Setting a realistic budget is crucial since it helps you determine the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on the meeting room rental fees and other additional services and amenities you may require for the meeting. However, you have to ensure that the meeting rooms you select align with your budget and have quality amenities and facilities.

  • Decide on the location of the venue

You also need to decide on the most suitable location or meeting room. As you decide on the area, you should make sure that you think about your attendees. This ensures that you choose the meeting rooms in convenient and accessible places. By doing this, all your attendees will have a very easy time accessing the location of your meeting rooms.

  • Size and capacity

The meeting rooms on the Gold Coast have different sizes and capacities to accommodate the space needed by various clients. Due to this reason, make sure that you consider the size and capacity of the meeting rooms that will be more suitable for your meeting. This will be determined by the number of attendees you intend to have in your meeting. Make sure that the meeting rooms you select are spacious so that the attendees can be comfortable during the meeting.

  • Amenities and facilities

The facilities and amenities offered in the meeting rooms you will select determine the productivity, engagement and comfort of the people in your meeting. For this reason, you have to be very keen on the facilities and amenities offered in different meeting rooms. Select the meeting rooms that have invested in quality and convenient facilities and amenities.

  • Technology

The technological capabilities of the meeting rooms you find are also an essential factor for you to consider when selecting your meeting rooms. Make sure you choose meeting rooms with technological capabilities like projectors, sound systems, screens, reliable Wi-Fi, connectivity, flip charts, whiteboards, and other necessary equipment.

  • Parking and security

You do not want your attendees to have difficulty finding a place to park their cars. Instead, you should ensure that you look for meeting rooms that have ample parking.   The parking and meeting rooms should also have all the necessary security features.

The tips above will help you discover top meeting rooms in Gold Coast. Therefore, ensure that you are guided by these tips when selecting york venues to choose the right one.

How to ensure a successful cocktail party

If you want to ensure the success of your event, it is essential that you serve good food and provide great bar options. In order to do so, you need to find the right kind of cocktail party venue. Once you have found the venue, then you also need to hire a cocktail catering service.

When it comes to cocktail catering, there is an exclusive menu which is prepared by professional bartenders who can completely alter the style and the ambience of the party with their delicious drinks.

Choosing the right cocktail venue

Whether it is a small or a big corporate party, it is essential that the right kind of bar is set up. This way, the guests can mingle together and have drinks while the bartenders are serving them up delicious concoctions. You do not only find cocktails at the bar but also deliciously created snacks which can take the party to the next level.

Before booking a cocktail venue, you also need to visit it in person so that you can take a look at the attire and the hospitality of the staff. It is essential that the bartenders are well groomed and know what to serve the guests. When hiring a cocktail service, you have to ask about their experience so that you will be able to understand whether they will be the right fit for your party. Good catering companies have experience and know how to take care of the guests in a mellow environment.

You might also want to talk about customized drinks because catering forms usually want to stick to the menu. However, it is essential that you are able to provide the guest with cocktails that they enjoy and they should also not be too heavy because the guest wants to get back home safe and sound. The right cocktail service would offer you a different menu so that you can construct one which is well suited for your event.

It should be kept in mind that when you are choosing a cocktail venue, you will also have to consider its pricing. This is why you should not make hasty decisions and make a list of all the places where you want to hold your events. When you have the quotes in hand, then you can make a decision based upon the pricing and the cost benefit analysis.

At the same time, you also want to ensure that you get the references of all cocktail catering services. Make sure to follow up on those references and find out whether they should actually be considered or not. A cocktail event is less formal than a dining event. However, there is no reserve seating but the guests will try to mingle with each other and it is essential that there should also be a dance floor.

Oche are a leading cocktail party venue. Visit them personally way ahead of the event to assess if it’s the venue you are looking for.

The Top 5 Tips to Choose an Event Venue

The right Gold Coast function venue can make all of the difference in the success of your event. It would be best if you considered many things when looking for venues, whether your event is a multi-day conference, cocktail party, lavish awards gala, or business meeting.

Questions to ask before choosing a function venue

Before you can choose the right venue and book it, there are some questions that you need to answer.

  • Is your event a set date, or can you be flexible?
  • Are you a morning, evening, or all-day event?
  • How much do you have to spend on your event?
  • How big is your event, in terms of how many people you expect to attend?
  • What is your space requirement? Are you looking for a dance floor or a stage?

Once you know the answers to the above question, you can begin looking for venues that meet these criteria.

Criteria to consider when selecting a venue

Below are the top criteria to choose a Gold Coast function venue:

  1. Location

Your guests should find it easy to reach the venue. You should ensure that the venue is close to a station or metro stop and have plenty of parking options. To give guests from out of town a choice of hotels, choose a location with a range of hotels within walking distance. You should also consider a location with nearby attractions so that your guests can have fun during the downtime of a multi-day event.

  1. Space and size flexibility

You must ensure that the venue is just right in size and capacity. Too big will make it seem crowded; too small will make it seem empty and unattended. Many venues have a capacity for each room. It would help if you aimed to reach your target attendance slightly below the limit. It would help if you also looked for venues that offer multiple room sizes so that you can move to another room depending on how many people are registered.

  1. Catering & Audio Visual Services

You can host a press conference, cocktail reception, business meeting, or elegant dinner banquet. Ensure the venue has previous experience hosting similar events and has staff who will help you plan the menu, beverages, and other A/V needs. The best venues have their catering and audio-visual services. They know the space inside out and can also provide creative solutions if your guests require something in your plan.

  1. Price and Value

The price is often the most important factor in choosing a venue. It will help if you look for places that offer reasonable rental rates, including linens, table setups, and other basic amenities. Some venues charge $2,000 for the space and charge an additional fee for the table, chair, and linens. Ask what is included. Ideal venues that don’t require minimum food or beverage amounts are also great as they allow you to design the menu you desire while still staying within your budget.

  1. People

Ensure that your venue employs friendly, experienced staff! You can’t have everything you want. A grumpy staff member or host can ruin your event, regardless of the price, location, A/V, and catering. Ask your person of concern how long they have worked there and if they have handled similar events. Also, ask them if they are available to assist you in the planning process.

Gold Coast Turf Club have function rooms available. You might want to check out the facility to see if it is the right venue for your next event.

What makes a great tavern?

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes to everyone’s lifestyle in Richlands including the weekly hanging out in Richlands tavern with family and friends. The frequency of visiting a Richlands tavern from other pubs is probably down to the genuine graciousness and hospitality showed by its staff.

While social distancing is still very much the priority, making taverns close down for business, the future seems brighter with the massive vaccination drive. When social distancing becomes a distant memory, the things to consider in your choice of tavern should include:

Theme nights events

Weeknights are the times when taverns need to draw in the crowd. And they have to be extra creative for them to appeal to a wide variety of patrons. Theme nights provided the perfect solution to draw in the crowds.

For instance, a drawing of a pot of money offered on a certain day such as Friday between 7:00 – 8:00 is one of the ways taverns and pubs draw in patrons. Social media platforms such as Facebook are used to advertise the event as well as provide live coverage during the draw.

However, an absent patron loses out on the prize. The pot rolls over to next week’s event wherein more money is added to sweeten the deal. This creative practice of taverns, bars, and pubs is a fun and creative way of ensuring huge crowds during theme nights.

Affordable prices

The affordable prices are one of the major crowd attractions of any tavern. Patrons are liable to go somewhere else when a tavern shows inflated prices for food and drinks. Taverns with affordable prices are the ones that always show brisk business.

Bartenders showing gold-standard bar hospitality

A tavern’s reputation is measured by its bartender. While friendly bartenders are the norm in popular taverns, a bartender greeting his/her customer with a smile and saying the name of long-time patrons shows the gold-standard bar hospitality.

A bartender showing this much-coveted trait will likely make patrons come back time and again. A genuine smile and greeting to first-time patrons is also the trait encouraged by top-quality taverns to their bartenders.

Bartenders are trained by good taverns to remember faces and the drink of choice of a first-time patron. Encouraging this practice with their bartenders is a critical factor to ensure patrons come back for the second time and a lot of times after.

Giveaways and Happy Hour Specials

Happy hour offered by good taverns is an event that patrons look forward to after a long week of gruelling work. A lively ambience is created by good taverns when it offers gimmicks such as giveaways and happy hour specials.

For instance, free snack mix or popcorn during happy hour is always a welcome treat for tavern patrons. Freebies such as a cool hat or t-shirt from their favourite tavern are always appreciated by patrons.

Clean and pleasant decor

Cleanliness is always a top priority of good taverns. A clean tavern showing the entire right decor is a place that patrons will always come back to. Creating the perfect ambience is always an essential part of good taverns.

Friday nights are special times for people to relax after a long workweek. Taverns and pubs all compete to make Friday nights extra special for the Friday crowds. Contact us at The Lion Richlands to know more about us.

Reasons for using wrist bands at events

If you are holding a corporate or a social event you might want to ensure its security at all cost. Once tickets used to be the traditional go to solution for keeping track of the attendees and controlling admission to any event. Tickets are used for concerts and exhibition as well as festivals and carnivals. However it is common for tickets to get lost or torn and damaged easily. Also it takes long queues of people to have their tickets checked every now and then to allow them entry. In case of wristbands, all of the above mentioned problems can be easily rectified. Not only are wristbands the perfect solution for security at any event but it can also help the management save time.

Why use wristbands?

When you make use of wristbands instead of tickets it becomes easier to manage the entry points without wasting time to check for individual passes. It doesn’t matter what kind of husband you are using the attendees simply need to show the response at the entry. However if you are looking to up the security at the event you may want to invest in wristbands with barcode which can be scanned to facilitate a quick entry.

Wrist bands are secure and easy to use. Instead of worrying about misplacing the entry pass people can simply show their wristbands and gain easy entry. Plus it is guaranteed to stay put because of the durability.

Wristbands allow the management to control the crowd and reduce the chance of fraudulent entries. Tyvek wristbands once tightened cannot be removed until and unless they are broken open.  Wristbands can be color customized to make identification easier. Event organizers can easily go for VIP response which have a different color coding to the general admission wristbands.

It is quite easy to customize wristbands. Whether these are being used for inter school competition or for any special event you can have the organizations name and logo embossed on to it. It should also be kept in mind that friends usually like to collect the souvenirs of a special event. Loyal fans of celebrities can keep these to commemorate their memories of the event. On the other hand if somebody is that a social cause is close to their heart they might want to wear the wristbands time and again to show their dedication towards it.

Silicone wristbands are available in a variety of color and a quite popular at school festivals. Children can be given the wrist bands and the teacher’s wouldn’t have to worry about them losing it or ruining it. It would make it a great deal easier to keep track of all the children during the events.

Wristbands can also serve as an advertisement for your event. These can also be used for social media promotion. Such kind of promotion allows you to gain multiple clients by creating brand awareness. As long as people are wearing the rest when you can ensure that your services are being promoted.

Are you wondering where to get wrist bands for events? You can easily order online.

Information on Resort Accommodations in Australia

Resort accommodation is a modernised and equipped accommodation centre which consists of many recreational activities. It provides maximum comfort to visitors and ensures they are well taken care of. Australia has many beautiful sceneries and tourist attraction sites along its border. As a result, many accommodation centres have been created along these sceneries to offer visitors exquisite and intriguing feelings. There are many best resort accommodation centres that have their reputations spoken of worldwide.

Benefits of resort accommodation

Amusement: resort provides a lot of activities that aim to entertain the visitors while keeping them relaxed. Examples of these activities include musical entertainment and even barbeque on the seashore.

Journey Alternatives: most of the resort centres will cater to all of your transportation needs immediately you get there discarding the idea of having a personal car.

Childcare amenities: if you are the type that travels with you kids for vacation and holidays, resorts have your back! They provide many activities that help kids grow healthy and jovial with maximum enjoyment.

Everything is available onsite: once you reach the resort, there is no need for moving around looking for pieces of stuff because they are all available on the resort. You have all the time to focus on relaxation and enjoyment. As they say it, you become the boss, and the staff has your back on everything you need!

The guarantee of great experiences: Resorts are designed to offer pleasant experiences and exciting encounters. Contingent upon what you’re searching for, there’s bounty to look upon, for example, a destination resort connected with a great site.

How to find resort accommodations?

It is effortless to find resort accommodation. You can look upon the web for official web pages of resort company websites and try to identify the one which best meets your needs. Alternatively, you can find out excellent resorts by keeping up with TV and radio advertisements. Most of the best resorts involve marketing and advertising their services to the public and outline their best facilities and services that are of great interest to potential visitors.

It is very paramount to do some research and put some factors into considerations before opting to go to a particular resort. Find out if they have most or all the services you need. For example, do they offer Spa to their visitors? Is there a place for body fitness? Can you get a bar where you can get fresh and cold drinks? Ask yourself these questions and many other questions and make sure their site provides answers to them. You can as well call their customer help desk and have further inquiries about their services.

Moreover, try to compare the prices of different resorts keeping in mind the facilities and services they offer. You should also check on the accessibility of that resort, can you get to that place with ease and convenience or will you experience some delays on the roads with flattened tires or possibly muddy route that will get your car stuck frequently?

In conclusion, with the current technological revolution in most countries, and Australia is one of them, there are very many resorts that have been developed. Some of these resorts are mind-blowing because of the architecture behind them. Most resorts are constructed along with natural phenomena that can attract people to visit that place and explore nature. Now that you have some details on resort accommodation, why not try one that will impact your life?

Game-changer Photo Booth Melbourne

The Paris’ World Fair in 1889 saw the first coming out of the photo booth. Since that time, the photo booth has become a perennial favourite entertainment accessory for weddings, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and more.

Should your business event in Melbourne consider hiring a photo booth Melbourne? It should when you want marketing potential and a promotional event rolled into one.

A photo booth hire should be given serious consideration when a promotional gathering is the goal of a start-up. Giving a personalised service other than gawking at your products is readily provided by a photo booth hire.

Other benefits provided by photo booth rentals to small, medium-sized and large business events include:

Spontaneous fun and enjoyment

Relying alone on the services provided by a professional photographer loses spontaneity among the guests. A photo booth rental provides guests a greater degree of fun, creativity, and spontaneity a professional photographer will never be able to capture. Candid photo moments are always memorable when it is spent with both new and old friends at a gathering. The hilarious moments enjoyed inside a photo booth rental shared again and again on various social media platforms is the best free advertisement for your business.

Props Galore

Events have their share of high and low moments. Engaging the attention of guests will be hard if the entertainment provided is not fun and exciting. A photo booth rental provides an attractive form of backup entertainment. Striking a pose using the wide range of props provide a big plus entertainment factor for the event. Receiving a free memento of the event serves as one of the highlights of the event.

Customised photos

The theme of your event can be made to match your photo booth rental. This provides a memorable backdrop to all pictures taken during the event. The option of choosing the photo booth from curtained booths to open-air ensures a perfect fit for your event.

A photo booth rental that prominently displays your particular logo or product brand is a form of advertisement like no other. Guests will remember your brand more when it shows in the background of the pictures taken during the event.

Affordable entertainment

In years past, photo booths in parties can only be afforded by celebrities. The popularity of this particular service over the years has made it an affordable option for parties, corporate events, weddings, and more.

In today’s setting, the size and budget of the event do not matter when it comes to photo booth hire. Their affordability has made photo booth rental the top accessory for any kind of celebration.

Zero-maintenance entertainment

Hosting an event means being hands-on to everything from food to entertainment. The only entertainment that does not need any form of look-see from you is the photo booth hire. A staff attendant manning the photo booth frees you to handle other tasks. The presence of a staff attendant ensures high entertainment for guests from start to end.

Always memorable

The party favours given out to guests are great and memorable additions. Making the photos as the party favour of your event ups the ante of memorable giveaways. The photos taken during the event leaves lasting memories long after the event.

Building hype is what it is all about when it comes to hosting events. A photo booth rental in Melbourne will do this and more.

Things To Know Before You Hire A Minibus in Perth

In most cases, travelling is a bit hectic, especially if you are large groups which require one or two minibuses. However, there are companies that you can quickly get minibuses to hire in Perth when you need to travel for any occasion. This makes travelling even more comfortable, because the minibuses will pick you in one place rather than having each one of you going using their means. However, before book a minibus hire in Perth, there are several things that you should know so that your journey can be successful. The following are some of the things that you should know before getting started in Perth.

Can you trust the company you are hiring the minibus?

Since there are very many people who want to hire minibuses daily,  upcoming companies take this as a business gap. Therefore, others will buy minibuses and will want you to hire them, but they do not meet the required standards of the minibus rental companies. They also employ drivers that are neither trained nor certified to transport any people who want to hire the minibuses. Due to such reason, you should find out whether you can trust the company that you want to hire for minibuses to use as you travel. Avoid cheap companies because they may be untrustworthy.

Which locations do you want to travel?

Every time before you hire a minibus in Perth, it’s essential that you decide on a specific place or places you want to go. This is because you can hire a minibus that is not permitted to travel in other areas yet you have paid for the transport fee which cannot be refunded later. The other reason is that when you are paying for the minibus you are hiring, the driver to chauffeur, you must know the place you are going before even before the day is reached. This is important because, at times, the driver does not know the area and will need to swap duties with another driver that is well versed with that location. Knowing the place you want to travel is also essential because you will be able to see the time to begin the journey to avoid being late.

How many people are travelling with you?

At times people may be travelling as a small group or large groups. For this reason, it is imperative to know the number of people that will be going with you for that journey. This is very important because you will know the average number of minibuses to hire. At times when you hire a minibus before you know the exact numbers of people who are travelling, you end up hiring more or fewer minibuses for your group.

How much money does the company charge for each minibus?

When you are planning to hire a minibus, it is essential to know the amount of money required to utilise the minibus because different companies charge differently. It also gives you a clue on how to charge the people whom you will be travelling with for the journey.

Are there extra charges?

Some minibus hiring companies in Perth charge some extra fees for luggage, children, cleaning and also travelling at night. It is very vital for you to know whether there will be any additional charges for any reason before you hire a minibus in Perth.

What is the condition of the minibuses?

Even before you hire a minibus in Perth, check whether it’s in the right condition. Hire a minibus that will offer you comfort while travelling.

Whale Watching Tours in Hervey Bay

If you love whale watching and plan to visit Australia this year, then you would be amazed by the vast coastline and diverse marine life in this beautiful country. Place live Hervey Bay is perfect to be surprised by the close encounters of these beautiful humongous creatures, to see whales this closely is a lifelong memory to have. Mainly you can see migrated whales from the southern region, sometimes you can sight them in Sydney harbour too. The main season if whale watching is from May to November, this is the time when whales migration happens towards the southern region from the Pacific. Places like Queensland are known for these whales, tourists use to come in this season just to have a look of these magnificent creatures.

If we talk about whale watching in Hervey Bay then, you should know that it is considered to be as a Whale Capital of the world. Mainly you can see humpback whales as they are the ones who stay the most in this region of Queensland. You can see them playing with whale watching vessels all the time in this area. To have a complete experience of whale watching, there a number of whale watching packages available for this area. These packages include a full day whale watching experience to 4 hours experience, you can select one according to your preference. Prices start from $50 to $200 for a day. There are a number of offers provided by these operators if you’re going with your family and friends as well.

Before going for this immense experience, you should consider various things like the right time, place to stay, choosing the right boat. In all these preparation, choosing the right boat can extend your overall experience drastically. There are numbers of different boats available, you can select according to your preference. Along with whale watching you can have an exquisite meal with your family on this trip, there are various packages available with full buffet lunch, cafe, home-baked treat as well. Some of the packages include underwater experience for an intense experience for those who whats to experience marine life closely. Some of the boats also have hydrophones to hear the whalesong, underwater viewing room, and a luxurious experience all along. You just need to select the right package, to do so there are numbers of whale watching clubs to choose from. You can also book a package online from various tourist websites, there are plenty to choose from and then you’re good to go.

So, you’re done with the boats then the next thing you should keep in mind is clothes, you’re not going to have a party, so be sure to have jackets, grippy shoes unless you want to stay inside when all the fun is happening outside. These boats have trained professionals to guide you along on your journey so that you won’t miss something. Always be prepared and all ears in these type of trips because you don’t know what mother nature is planning next. Always pack less with basic all the basic necessity, have some warm clothes as well because we’re talking about ocean and whales here, you don’t want to be sick on your trip! Do you?  So just be attentive and enjoy the magnificent creatures of nature.

Essential Things To Note About Beachside Accommodations

Finding a befitting accommodation is a very vital element for any person who seeks adventure far away from home since it does have an enormous impact on one’s spending if not chosen correctly.

People have different reasons as to why they opt to have specific accommodation be it by cost, ease of booking, types of facilities, accessibility, security, etc. The best way to cut your trip expenses is always by choosing the right accommodation that suits your needs at an affordable cost possible.

Beachside accommodation offers friendly services worldwide which cover a wide range of customer needs. Here are the factors to be put into consideration before the customers opt to settle for that beachside accommodation.

  1. Location

It’s always essential that you select holiday accommodation located in Hervey Bay surrounded by shops, cafes, and parks. Also, it should be near the main transport channels as this will facilitate movement within the within and the outside environment.

  1. Type of facility

It is paramount for beachfront to be made attractive and appealing to the eye of the customer since this will attract the customers at large. Hospitality should be double the customers’ expectation be it in size, quality of service, recreation facilities, and many more.

Facilities offered in a resort play an essential role in customers’ allurement, which, in turn, improves the efficiency of the resort. The organization should also work harder to meet the customer needs at the right time and in the correct manner to boost one’s esteem and perspective towards that resort.

  1. Cost

Majority customers opt to settle in a resort they can cater for, which means that the accommodation facility should make its services affordable to various classes of customers bearing in mind that the cost plays a significant role in any business.

  1. Accountability

Many customers opt to settle in a secured and peaceful environment. Therefore, the facility should be able to safeguard the customer, and this will increase their trust towards that resort. The employer and the employee should accept and ensure that the safety of their customers is made paramount by being responsible for their needs.

  1. Security

The resort should ensure that the measures are put in place to curb a disaster and where possible to prevent it. Through this, the customer will like the resort and have confidence during their period of stay.

They should also consider putting security measures such as CCTV cameras which will help in monitoring the resort. Security officers must be put in place to increase the surety of the customers’ safety, which will, in turn, increase the number of customers at large.

  1. Ease of booking

Cost being the backbone of a business, booking sites should be credited to customers to ease the services.

Due to the fast-growing technology, booking websites should be included, and this will make it easy to access, and it will also cover a wide range of customers worldwide.

  1. Customer satisfaction

The resort should ensure that the customers are satisfied with their services, which will, in turn, build the name of the organization. The customers always review the rating of that resort and if they are not well satisfied, they look for a better place. Therefore, the resort should work harder to improve their quality of services. Generally, amenities offered should focus more on attracting more customers to increase the efficiency of a resort.