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What makes a great tavern?

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes to everyone’s lifestyle in Richlands including the weekly hanging out in Richlands tavern with family and friends. The frequency of visiting a Richlands tavern from other pubs is probably down to the genuine graciousness and hospitality showed by its staff.

While social distancing is still very much the priority, making taverns close down for business, the future seems brighter with the massive vaccination drive. When social distancing becomes a distant memory, the things to consider in your choice of tavern should include:

Theme nights events

Weeknights are the times when taverns need to draw in the crowd. And they have to be extra creative for them to appeal to a wide variety of patrons. Theme nights provided the perfect solution to draw in the crowds.

For instance, a drawing of a pot of money offered on a certain day such as Friday between 7:00 – 8:00 is one of the ways taverns and pubs draw in patrons. Social media platforms such as Facebook are used to advertise the event as well as provide live coverage during the draw.

However, an absent patron loses out on the prize. The pot rolls over to next week’s event wherein more money is added to sweeten the deal. This creative practice of taverns, bars, and pubs is a fun and creative way of ensuring huge crowds during theme nights.

Affordable prices

The affordable prices are one of the major crowd attractions of any tavern. Patrons are liable to go somewhere else when a tavern shows inflated prices for food and drinks. Taverns with affordable prices are the ones that always show brisk business.

Bartenders showing gold-standard bar hospitality

A tavern’s reputation is measured by its bartender. While friendly bartenders are the norm in popular taverns, a bartender greeting his/her customer with a smile and saying the name of long-time patrons shows the gold-standard bar hospitality.

A bartender showing this much-coveted trait will likely make patrons come back time and again. A genuine smile and greeting to first-time patrons is also the trait encouraged by top-quality taverns to their bartenders.

Bartenders are trained by good taverns to remember faces and the drink of choice of a first-time patron. Encouraging this practice with their bartenders is a critical factor to ensure patrons come back for the second time and a lot of times after.

Giveaways and Happy Hour Specials

Happy hour offered by good taverns is an event that patrons look forward to after a long week of gruelling work. A lively ambience is created by good taverns when it offers gimmicks such as giveaways and happy hour specials.

For instance, free snack mix or popcorn during happy hour is always a welcome treat for tavern patrons. Freebies such as a cool hat or t-shirt from their favourite tavern are always appreciated by patrons.

Clean and pleasant decor

Cleanliness is always a top priority of good taverns. A clean tavern showing the entire right decor is a place that patrons will always come back to. Creating the perfect ambience is always an essential part of good taverns.

Friday nights are special times for people to relax after a long workweek. Taverns and pubs all compete to make Friday nights extra special for the Friday crowds. Contact us at The Lion Richlands to know more about us.

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