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The Top 5 Tips to Choose an Event Venue

The right Gold Coast function venue can make all of the difference in the success of your event. It would be best if you considered many things when looking for venues, whether your event is a multi-day conference, cocktail party, lavish awards gala, or business meeting.

Questions to ask before choosing a function venue

Before you can choose the right venue and book it, there are some questions that you need to answer.

  • Is your event a set date, or can you be flexible?
  • Are you a morning, evening, or all-day event?
  • How much do you have to spend on your event?
  • How big is your event, in terms of how many people you expect to attend?
  • What is your space requirement? Are you looking for a dance floor or a stage?

Once you know the answers to the above question, you can begin looking for venues that meet these criteria.

Criteria to consider when selecting a venue

Below are the top criteria to choose a Gold Coast function venue:

  1. Location

Your guests should find it easy to reach the venue. You should ensure that the venue is close to a station or metro stop and have plenty of parking options. To give guests from out of town a choice of hotels, choose a location with a range of hotels within walking distance. You should also consider a location with nearby attractions so that your guests can have fun during the downtime of a multi-day event.

  1. Space and size flexibility

You must ensure that the venue is just right in size and capacity. Too big will make it seem crowded; too small will make it seem empty and unattended. Many venues have a capacity for each room. It would help if you aimed to reach your target attendance slightly below the limit. It would help if you also looked for venues that offer multiple room sizes so that you can move to another room depending on how many people are registered.

  1. Catering & Audio Visual Services

You can host a press conference, cocktail reception, business meeting, or elegant dinner banquet. Ensure the venue has previous experience hosting similar events and has staff who will help you plan the menu, beverages, and other A/V needs. The best venues have their catering and audio-visual services. They know the space inside out and can also provide creative solutions if your guests require something in your plan.

  1. Price and Value

The price is often the most important factor in choosing a venue. It will help if you look for places that offer reasonable rental rates, including linens, table setups, and other basic amenities. Some venues charge $2,000 for the space and charge an additional fee for the table, chair, and linens. Ask what is included. Ideal venues that don’t require minimum food or beverage amounts are also great as they allow you to design the menu you desire while still staying within your budget.

  1. People

Ensure that your venue employs friendly, experienced staff! You can’t have everything you want. A grumpy staff member or host can ruin your event, regardless of the price, location, A/V, and catering. Ask your person of concern how long they have worked there and if they have handled similar events. Also, ask them if they are available to assist you in the planning process.

Gold Coast Turf Club have function rooms available. You might want to check out the facility to see if it is the right venue for your next event.

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