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Planning a Great Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding can be a tough job. There are hundreds of things which need to be kept in mind. As a couple you would be worried about how you could throw a wedding your guests would remember. Planning a good reception requires collaboration and loads of preparation. There are wedding venues to be booked, vendors to be hired and event planning as well.

Choose a wedding reception venue

Once the date has been set for the wedding, its time you actually start looking for venues. Booking need to be made in advance. Keep your budget in mind and also the number of guests you plan on inviting. Also keep in mind the reception style you would like, formal, buffet or a cocktail party.

Create a timeline

You might have already planned how, where and when things would occur. Jot it down on a time line and make sure to hand it over to everyone from the venue manager to the wedding planner. This way everyone stays on track.

Visit the wedding site

Visiting the site helps you get an idea of how things are and what amends you would like or what features you would like to be added. Make sure to tag along with your wedding planner to the venue and brainstorm with them on things which you would prefer.

Start with the major tasks first

The tasks which you need to take up first include booking a venue, choosing a caterer and deciding on the d├ęcor. Keep in mind that all these should relate to the theme of your wedding, if you have one in mind.

Deciding on decorations

Are you big on simple weddings or would you like more elaborate ones. Have a heart to heart talk with your wedding planner. There are so many things which are important at a wedding venue. From choosing the flowers to agreeing upon place cards there are quite a few things in between. Got a certain color theme in mind? Make sure you let the wedding planner know about it. Are certain flowers more dear to you, do mention it.

Pay attention to small details

Paying attention to small details can make a whole lot of difference. Keep in mind to get all the reception goods on time. These includes party favors, guests signing books and cake knives and paper napkins etc. all these details are small but can add a real classy touch to your wedding.

Think different

Thinking outside the box can have a real impression your guests. Instead of choosing traditional flower center pieces you could use a glass vessel and fill them up with knick knacks for individuality and style.

Send your guests save the date cards

Make sure to send your guests save the date cards. This is important if you are planning a destination wedding or getting married during the holidays. Send these at least three months prior to the wedding so your guests could plan accordingly.

For more information on planning the a wedding reception in Gold Coast, make sure you contact a local venue.

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