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The travel company arrives in Africa on the borders of the state of Kenya, where Tanzania begins. The heterogeneous group remains fascinated by the tourist villages perfectly inserted in the natural habitat of the black continent, where it is possible to find well-supplied emporiums: even if buying souvenirs is a real job, especially when you do not know how to transport the gifts around the savannah. On the other hand, the indigenous guide “has a top model physique and a meaty but not Negroid mouth”. In America, however, everything is so different. In New York there is a forced need, for example, to attend those parties and drink until they feel bad. Ah, the Americans, what a difficult people to understand. In South America, on the other hand, things are completely different. Scary insects, peoples living in extreme poverty, Finished reading this book that should collect evidence of travel, at least so you can guess from the title, I wonder if it really was worth it to address these pages until the long-awaited conclusion. It will be that in my mind I have the romantic idea handed down to me by the adolescent readings of the novels of Salgari, in which we go to the discovery of new places far away with the spirit of the adventurer. But anyway I do not think it’s easy to transcribe the emotions or experiences that you can try and experience on your own skin by visiting distant places and knowing people so different from ours. Of course at least you can try. On the other hand, the sterile description of Valtour-style holiday villages inserted in a jungle (it is to be thought that they also ruin the primordial habitat of the place) creates serious problems in a reader who expects a completely different scenario. Crushed and rethinked phrases, medium school meditations accompany the reader in the fleeting discovery of the tremendously boring stays of our protagonist. Everything is described quickly in a few pages, without deepening any socio-cultural aspects of the places explored: we can do much better standocene quietly sitting in an armchair in our middle-class living room watching a beautiful documentary on Sky. A reportage should intrigue, stimulate the reader’s imagination, stimulate the nomadism that is hidden in every homo sapiens. In this case ,

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