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TripAdvisor Multiple Award winning company

We've received Certificate of Excellence award from TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website.

100% Customizable

Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.

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The Perfect Engagement Scenario

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring for your girlfriend or shopping with one together with her, finding the perfect ring can be pretty overwhelming. After all for a guy to walk into a jewellery store is nerve wrecking. However the following tips can help shopping for engagement rings in Sydney easier.

  • The shape of the ring could have a great impact on whether the rings looks perfect on your girls’ finger or not. Even before you shop for the four C’s of the diamond ring, the shape of the ring would have a big impact on what the ring looks like.
  • The setting of the stone. The way in which the stone is mounted can actually add a style and appeal to a ring. Keep in mind that the ring should be mounted on quality metalwork. His help make the ring look durable and much sturdier. The setting could be a classic round shape or an ova shape in a four prong setting.
  • If you plan on shopping together for the rings that’s all well and good. However, if you are looking to surprise your partner in the more traditional way then you need to do some research to come up with the perfect engagement ring for her. You could ask her family or close friends for help and swear them to secrecy. They can also help you get the right size of the ring so when it’s finally time to pop the question you can slip the ring over her finger easily.

  • You would also have to make a choice of the metal. While there are different varieties to choose from, gold and platinum are the more common choices.
  • Choose a ring which is within your budget. The myth of spending at least two months’ salary on the ring is old and it doesn’t help that you start your new life under a great deal of debt. However if you would prefer a larger ring you could always choose a ring of a smaller carat but one which isn’t cut too deep. This can give the image of a larger ring in lesser price.
  • Go to a jeweller recommended by friends and family. This way you can even get to negotiate the price of the ring because you have been recommended by old clients. Choose larger and older chains of jewellers because they are more reliable and what’s more you can even get away with some good discounts when shopping for diamond engagement rings by Oroginale.
  • When ordered it can take anywhere from six to nine weeks for the ring to arrive. That’s why it’s safe to assume that you need at least two months prior for placing an order. Also if you are looking to get the ring engraved, it could take even longer.
  • If you are planning to buy a diamond ring you need a grading report for the diamond ring.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind will help you shop for the perfect engagement ring.

Choosing the Right Wedding Cars

Planning a wedding can be a big deal. You need to make sure everything is organised and things go according to schedule. Everyone wants a fairy tale wedding and one which their guests would remember for a long time. One way of doing so is arriving at your wedding in style. For that you need to choose the right wedding cars in Sydney.

However, booking a wedding car needs to be done prior to the wedding so that you can get the car of your choice. If you are big on a vintage car or a limousine you might have to make a booking at least six months in advance. It’s always better to choose a wedding car as soon as you have finalised a venue. If you are planning a theme wedding then your car should somewhat match the theme as well.

Searching for the right wedding car

The first thing which most couples do while selecting a wedding car is to turn to Google. However, they are bowled over once they see the thousands of options which they have. The key is to short list two or three websites. But how do you do that? It’s simple. You need to refine your research. First of all you must choose a local provider. Then it’s time to arrow down your search for looking for any particular car that you have in mind. It could be a vintage car, a Volkswagen or even a sports car. Whatever you have in mind, get to know whether the car rental company has that particular car for rent.

Plan your budget

You have got to have an idea of how much are you willing to spend. It can be pretty disappointing if you have your heart set on a Porsche or a rolls but no money to rent it. Go to the rental company and see what they can offer in the budget that you have. However, you don’t need to panic if budget is something which you are worried about, there are several rental companies which offer amazing discounts on their cars. Just make sure you start early while searching for the perfect wedding cars.

Considering the logistics

Though it’s all fun and enjoyment choosing the perfect car but you need to come the logistics in mind as well. If you have a few bridesmaids you might want to consider the size of the wedding car as well. Also choose a car which will make you feel comfortable. A wedding dress with a long tulle wouldn’t be a perfect fit for a sports car. Keep in mind these things to make your ride to the wedding as comfy and easy as possible.

Also keep in mind whether your best man would be driving the car or would you rather have chauffer? Get to know whether the price includes tank filled by the company or you would have to fill it up these are boring but basic things which should be kept in mind when hiring wedding cars in Sydney.

Planning a Great Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding can be a tough job. There are hundreds of things which need to be kept in mind. As a couple you would be worried about how you could throw a wedding your guests would remember. Planning a good reception requires collaboration and loads of preparation. There are wedding venues to be booked, vendors to be hired and event planning as well.

Choose a wedding reception venue

Once the date has been set for the wedding, its time you actually start looking for venues. Booking need to be made in advance. Keep your budget in mind and also the number of guests you plan on inviting. Also keep in mind the reception style you would like, formal, buffet or a cocktail party.

Create a timeline

You might have already planned how, where and when things would occur. Jot it down on a time line and make sure to hand it over to everyone from the venue manager to the wedding planner. This way everyone stays on track.

Visit the wedding site

Visiting the site helps you get an idea of how things are and what amends you would like or what features you would like to be added. Make sure to tag along with your wedding planner to the venue and brainstorm with them on things which you would prefer.

Start with the major tasks first

The tasks which you need to take up first include booking a venue, choosing a caterer and deciding on the décor. Keep in mind that all these should relate to the theme of your wedding, if you have one in mind.

Deciding on decorations

Are you big on simple weddings or would you like more elaborate ones. Have a heart to heart talk with your wedding planner. There are so many things which are important at a wedding venue. From choosing the flowers to agreeing upon place cards there are quite a few things in between. Got a certain color theme in mind? Make sure you let the wedding planner know about it. Are certain flowers more dear to you, do mention it.

Pay attention to small details

Paying attention to small details can make a whole lot of difference. Keep in mind to get all the reception goods on time. These includes party favors, guests signing books and cake knives and paper napkins etc. all these details are small but can add a real classy touch to your wedding.

Think different

Thinking outside the box can have a real impression your guests. Instead of choosing traditional flower center pieces you could use a glass vessel and fill them up with knick knacks for individuality and style.

Send your guests save the date cards

Make sure to send your guests save the date cards. This is important if you are planning a destination wedding or getting married during the holidays. Send these at least three months prior to the wedding so your guests could plan accordingly.

For more information on planning the best wedding reception in Brisbane, make sure you contact a local venue.

In Italy there is a village set in the rock that nobody knows

In Sicily there is an ancient village built in a cave, the Grotta Mangiapane .

It takes its name from the family that lived there, in tiny houses, from 1819 up to the 1950s. The Grotta Mangiapane is part of a system that includes a series of nine caves called Grotte di Scurati, which are located within the nature reserve oriented Mount Cofano, in the territory of Custonaci, in the province of Trapani.

The Scurati Caves are an ancient prehistoric settlement and a speleological site. Inside them have been found traces of human presence with flint tools and graffiti on the walls dating back to the Upper Paleolithic, a period ranging from about 36,000 to about 10,000 years ago.

The Grotta Mangiapane is the largest of the nine caves, its walls measure about 70 meters, is 13 wide and 50 deep. It is also called Grotta degli Uffizi. In fact, among the numerous prehistoric findings, such as teeth and bones of animals, worked flints and obsidian, splendid rock paintings have been found.

Seeing her, someone will recognize in the Grotta Mangiapane one of the locations of Commissioner Montalbano . Inside some episodes of the famous television series have been shot.

The place is really impressive. So much so that since 1983 at Christmas time is set up the Living Crib of Custonaci. It is a living nativity scene where the peasant and artisan traditions of that territory live again, and which involves all the inhabitants of the country. About 160 participants take part and for this reason in 2006 it was recognized in the Immaterial Heritage Register of Sicily.

In the summer, instead, a living museum is set up and the domestic and work environments are reconstructed, furnishing the interiors of the houses with original furnishings, thus recreating the life of the rural village of the early ‘900.

Travel for free and get paid: here’s how

Money: few. Time: little. To travel a lot. If traveling the world is your passion do not be discouraged. There are ways to travel for free and maybe you are even paid to do it . Here’s how to do it.

House sitting It’s a bit like a baby sitter or a dog sitter, but in this case you keep an eye on a house. It consists of taking care of homes (and sometimes even domestic animals) when the owners are traveling. And you are also paid.

Flight attendant It is the first job that comes to mind when thinking of travel. The hostessesand stewards spend their time traveling and are also paid to do so. Is not it the most beautiful job in the world?

Tourist Guide A little less demanding than the flight attendant who spends little time at home , the driving profession is perfect for those who love traveling , but it is also curious and wants to know (and make known) the beauty of a tourist resort. The guide can be specialized in a destination or work for a tour operator and accompany groups around the world.

Volunteering In the term ‘voluntary’ it is already implied that for this activity you are not paid (sometimes there is a reimbursement of expenses, board and lodging). However, if you are predisposed to doing good, there is nothing better than seeing the world with a more ‘social’ eye. It is not necessary to reach dangerous destinations. It is also enough to  take care of the turtles on theisland of Lampedusa or join the team at an international event.

Organic Farms More and more people love to be in contact with nature and to eat organic products. There are many farmhouses and farms that accommodate people providing food and lodging in exchange for work . They range from sowing to milking, from cooking to household chores. Work is seasonal.

Free B & B in exchange for services Skills have their price. If you are expert in some specific activity you can stay for free in many bed and breakfasts , even Italian ones. The important thing is that in exchange for food and accommodation spend a few hours transferring your knowledge to the owner. For example, if you are computerized you can help to create the website of the b & b or give away some technological gadget. If you are a good chef, you can cook for the guests and teach your secret recipes.

Transporting cars It is a type of work sought by car rentals . It is about collecting the cars left by those who have rented them to bring them back to their headquarters. This system is called ‘drop off’ and for those who rent a car in one place to leave it in another coast. Here, part of this money would go to you.

Transferring boats Often the owners of a boat moored in one place need to move it elsewhere, to explore farther shores, but do not have time to take care of transportation. Here then, who owns a boat license and a bit ‘of experience has the opportunity to make a nice holiday for free on the boat, combining business with pleasure.

Cruising On a cruise ship you look for every kind of professionalism . From the barman to the animator, from the beautician to the chef, they are all professions that allow traveling far and wide, enjoying the free time available to visit the places where it is moored. For the crew, however, the excursions that passengers cost almost more than the cruise itself, are free .

Skipper You should not suffer seasickness and you must have a minimum of nautical knowledge, but not necessarily the specific license. The job of skipper is to accompany handyman during a boat holiday. The skipper performs technical tasks , but must also know how to cook and clean. Work is hard, in close contact with people, but it is well paid .